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Dr H. Eli Joubert

Consultant Clinical Psychologist specialising in medium to long-term Psychotherapy working from rooms in Central London

about Dr H Eli Joubert

professional registrations and memberships:

Ministry of Justice UK Gender Recognition Panel

  • Specialist in the field of Gender Dysphoria
British Association of Gender Identity Specialists
  • Full Member

World Professional Association for Transgender Health

  • Full Member

UK Ministry of Justice – Gender Recognition Panel

  • List of specialists in the Field of Gender Dysphoria

Higher Education Academy (UK)

  • Fellow – Registration Number: PR137280

Board of Editors

  • African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine
  • Psychological of Men and Masculinities


  • National Institute for Health Research


Conference Host Presentation Date
Annual Conference 2018 (Attended) British Association for Gender Identity Specialists November 2018
Training Institute of Sexology of the Polish Sexological Society, Warsaw, Poland Annual Training in different aspects of psychosexual therapy November 2018
Training Polish Institute of Sexology, Warsaw Working Therapeutically with Paraphillias October 2018
Continued Professional Development South African Sexual Health Association (Cape Town) Continued Professional Development June 2018
Annual Mid-England Conference (attended and presented) British Society for Sexual Medicine Psychosexual Impact of Male Circumcision November 2017, Birmingham UK
Continued Professional Development South African Sexual Health Association (Cape Town and Johannesburg) Adjustment Disorder following treatment for Prostate Cancer April 2017
Third Annual Congress (attended and presented) Österreichischen Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Sexualmedizin und de Sexuellen Gesundheir, Sezualmedizin Interdisziplinar ChemSex – Psychotherapeutic options for treatment December 2016, Medical University of Vienna Austria
Annual Mid-England Conference (attended and presented) British Society for Sexual Medicine Adjustment Disorder following Radical Prostatectomy November 2016, Birmingham UK
Annual Conference Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology (attended and presented) British Psychological Society Selection of Male Trainees November 2016, Stratford-upon-Avon UK
14th International Symposium on Genital Autonomy and Children’s Rights (attended and presented) Genital Autonomy Considering the Psycho-Sexual Impact of Circumcision September 2016, Keele University UK
Annual Conference British Society for Sexual Medicine Psycho-Sexual Therapies April 2016, London UK
Annual Mid-England Conference (attended and presented) British Society for Sexual Medicine Considerations of how aspects of Multiculturalism may impact on psycho-sexual presentations November 2015, Birmingham UK
Annual Conference (attended and presented) Male Psychology Network What is the role of shame for Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Users? A qualitative study June 2014, University College London UK
Training Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London What’s behind? Using basic psychodynamic principles to assist with supervision of trainees working with complex formulations. May 2012
Seminar Department of Psychology, Oxford University Why is it important to consider psychosexual aspects of mental health? June 2012
Annual Conference (Attended and presented) Psychology of Sexualities Section (BPS) Secrets of Steroids: Bodies in Bottles or Mental Health Intervention? December 2006
2005 Conference Women and Gender Studies and Psychology Departments, University of the Western Cape, South Africa Men and Trauma January 2005