During this time of social isolation, clinical services continued to be offered remotely via telephone and video conferencing, such as Skype or Zoom.

Dr H. Eli Joubert

Psychotherapy is a talking therapy which is informed by various theories, all offering an understanding of how the mind works.

About Eli


Psychodynamic therapy is an umbrella term which describes all models of the mind that are primarily concerned with unconscious processes. It remains curious about the individual’s experience(s), rather than offering generic understandings. The duration and content of the therapy is therefore uniquely determined by the clients and their needs.

Psychosexual therapy is a specialisation within psychotherapy which addresses specific concerns and distress related to sexuality. It focuses on both the physical and the psychological with well-qualified practitioners having knowledge of both. 


Dr H. Eli Joubert specialises in helping people through the use of Psychodynamic therapies to uncover unconscious conflicts.

Through the use of these techniques, he is able to help patients move forward and deal with the problems they are facing. He has particular clinical interests in General Adult Mental Health, the Psychology of Men and Masculinities, Psychosexual Therapy and Gender Dysphoria and Transexualism.